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The Delta Lern ​​Center is a special center that plays a large role in serving all categories of society, including students, employees and graduates through the granting of training and miscellaneous grants in the field of human development, human resources, administration, languages ​​and computer. These grants do not exceed the symbolic fee to equip young people and prepare generations capable of Meeting the demands of the labor market with the new ones, especially with the spread of the work machine using the computer and the strong need for languages ​​and thus facilitate their access to a job at the local, Arab or world level

Delta Lern ​​depends on its first structure and infrastructure to provide public services at competitive prices so that they are accessible to all, which in turn expand the scope of work and education in the cost of the Egyptian labor market. The most important foundation of our position is credibility, quality and efficiency. To the abandonment of any of them, which confirms our leadership of this sensitive area, which contributes to the building of youth and arming them with the tools needed to overcome the obstacles of work and build a better future for all and our society and our beloved Egypt

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